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Pete's Music UK Vinyl Records online is known quite globally for our cool collection of LP Vinyl album collections. Trusted by many clients buying vinyl from us regularly (just look at our Petesmusic_ UK Discogs profile out there, we are based in Cambridge and our client base is throughout the world. There are numerous Vinyl record shops across UK and the world but availability of quality and genuine vinyl is always an issue. From rare collections to the most popular ones, no matter what choice you have, we are always ready to cater you with the best possible products.

Petes Music shop needs no introduction in the field of vinyl music.

After being successful from a shop of Birmingham, we started online store too. In the last few years, our website and shop both have gained enormous acceptability across UK and the world. We have thousands of collections and all pre-owned records are properly maintained so that eventually it should give soothing experience. We will give you proper cleaning solution with every record you buy so that maintenance should be easy. In case, we find any record not in good condition, we reject it and that one does not go beyond boundary of shop.

We have huge client base across the UK and that has come because of quality we maintained over years. We have been also part of numerous movies campaigning as producers often give us record for promotions. Vinyl may be lacking in terms of quality and maintenance before digital CDs and DVDs but Vinyl sooths you differently. It would be better, if you visit store in person and check condition of record.

We are experts in the field of vinyl music but every buyer is not aware about the things important in the process. We have vinyl guide that will definitely help you:

Why Vinyl should be opted?

There could be numerous reasons like your connection with the analog style recording. Many people are aesthetics for the entire packaging of Vinyl based music. Because this is the traditionally old system so many people opt for this one, only to conserve old system. Eventually it is all about the experience you have.

Is buying Vinyl music fair for pocket?

You should remember that this is the only music option where re-selling can be done quite easily. One can sell old records at good price while same is not possible for CD and other modes of music.

What is meaning of Vinyl being Analog?

Analog signal means continuity of signal and varying part will be time dependent.

How Vinyl music is different from the digital mode of music?

Digital signals are discrete in nature. Sound can be only partitioned in the bits.

Which is better modern digital or the traditional vinyl based music?

There are differences on the backend technical aspects but when it comes to feeling music then there wouldn’t be much difference.

Why people are still attached with the vinyl?

Music is all about the feeling. We are aware that in the modern world, music has advanced a lot as numerous advance machines have come.

How important is turntable?

Being audiophile and attraction for the entire set up are two different things. Turntable actually makes the entire set up complete. You can opt for a second hand table but that wouldn’t be as perfect as you would be eyeing.

Which are different types of turntables?

There are two prominent types of turntables namely belt driven and direct driven.

Is there necessity for the stereo system speakers?

If you care about the quality of sound then you must go for proper speaker.

What is importance of stereo receiver?

Yes actually you need one.

What is the process of setting up stereo system?

First check whether you have turntable with built-in preamp. In case of absence of pre-amp, you have to ground the system.

What is tone arm?

Pressure and needle is tracked through the groove. This is the long rod that holds the cartridge.