EPs and LPs vinyl records and Rare Vinyl Records

EPs vinyl records

EP or extended play is an integral part of the vinyl music. This is not an LP because number of tracks more than one. This is less expressive because of less number of tracks. It revolves at standard play that is 78 RPM.

Pete's Music UK has a collection of EPs covering various types of styles. In the last 14 years, we have collected EP from all across the world. It is not only about the popular music of United Kingdom, we have collections from far Brazil too. Ask today and grab your favorite copy of music.

Rare Vinyl Records

There is huge difference between vinyl records and digital records. Definitely digitization of music has revolutionized things because it is quite convenient. One can easily carry digital form of music in mobile, iPOD, laptop but vinyl is totally different. People struggle to get rare collections of Vinyl records. Some 60-70 years back, there were very few releases of music records because of less demand at that time.

For Pete's Music UK it was never an easy job to have rare vinyl collections. We contacted more than 600 stores from Bangalore to NYC. We requested individuals too and finally we have hundreds of rare vinyl music records. Ask our experts and they will help you further to grab the collection.

lp vinyl records

Ask About Latest LP

Pete's Music UK has wide collection of LP vinyl records. LP or long play is analog storage based disc. General speed of disc is 33 1/3 RPM and diameter of disc close to 30 cm. LP was first introduced in the year 1926 by western electric. In the last 14 years, we have brought hundreds of LP collections. Ask our experts to know more about collections we have.